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Конференция состоится 8-10 апреля 2021 в дистанционном формате.

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For foreign participants

Welcome to the web-site of the XX international students law conference (iSLaCo'2021), hosted by Saint Petersburg State University!

On April Law Faculty of St. Petersburg State University is holding the XX International Student Law Conference iSLaCo, that annually unites practicing and future lawyers from Russia and countries all around the world.

The theme of the conference is "Law: New & Now".

Official dates of the conference: 8-10 April 2021 (online format).

Opening of registration: 15 February 2021

The registration deadline for the speakers: 20 March 2021 (inclusive)

The registration deadline for the listeners: 21 March 2021 (inclusive)

Publication of the list of participants who have passed the competitive selection: 27 March 2021.


The conference is planned to have the following sections, in which only participants who were selected in 2020 can take part:

  1. Complex branches of law phenomenon: shaken, not stirred.
    Moderators: Vasilyev I. A., Diveeva N. I.

  2. Modern criminalization: how criminal law meets the challenges of the fast-moving world.
    Moderator: Shatikhina N. S.

  3. Five years of the Law of obligations Reform: expectations and results.
    Moderator: Pavlov A. A.

  4. Legal Tech: the Present and the Future of Jurisprudence.
    Moderators: Arkhipov V. V., Gracheva A. V.

  5. Administrative Offence Law reform: what to expect from the new Code.
    Moderator: Dmitrikova E. A.

  6. The section was cancelled.

  7. Comparative Law in the modern era.
    Moderators: Belov S. A., Zezekalo A. Y., Olennikov S. M

In the conference it is also planned to hold the following sections, selection for which is open:

  1. Environmental Law today: modern methods of regulating legal relations in the field of nature management and environmental protection.
    Moderators: Khoroshavin A.V., Zharov Ye.V.

  2. Actual problems of Tax and Budget Law.
    Moderators: Kilinkarova Ye. V., Kustova M. V.

  3. Post Covid: changes in Labor Law.
    Moderators: Sychenko Ye. V., Filippova M. V.

  4. Public international Law: between non-absolute rights and absolute lawlessness.
    Moderators: Bartenev D. G., Zezekalo A. Y.

  5. The development and improvement of IP legislation.
    Moderator: Nevzorov I. V. 

  6. Innovations in the Civil Code.
    Moderators: Kashkarova I.N., Lyubin I.V.


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Contact number: +7 (981) 859-33-98 (Anait)

E-mail: islaco@spbu.ru



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